Rated Match Policy

On 1st January 2018, the ANZBGF adopted its official results policy PDF, which is designed to establish a standard for the quality of results posted to this site.

The ANZBGF policy is supplemented by local policies, which give club managers the freedom to define local rules that work for the way their events are run.

The manager for Castle Hill RSL BG Club data on this site is John Symon.

The manager has not yet published a local policy for this club. However, the following principles (taken from the ANZBGF policy) still apply:

  • The Manager must record results fairly and completely. Any form of selective reporting of results, including at a player’s request, must be forbidden
  • The policy must establish clear rules for eligibility of a match. Members must know, or be able to deduce from the policy, whether their match will form part of the national record before the first roll of the dice
  • The policy will not allow exceptions due to a player being ignorant of it
  • Only matches played as part of an organised club event (e.g. a tournament) may count towards the ratings
  • Players must not be able to select their opponents, in order to prevent gaming of the ratings system
  • Use of artificial aids beyond those required for scorekeeping are prohibited. This will generally preclude online matches from permissibility due to the ubiquity of automatic pipcount display in online clients
  • The ANZBGF Rules should generally apply to matches